The KH230 is a 9mm gauge manual machine. The carriage can perform slip and intarsia. Unlike most Brother machines, it is possible to hold left and/or hold right on this machine.


  • Single bed knitting machine
  • Chunky 9mm needle gauge
  • Manual patterning
  • Can produce an incredible variety stitches, including tuck, slip, fairisle, punch lace
  • Metal bed
  • 110 needles

Recommended yarn

  • Knits from english DK up to chunky yarns eg aran, US worsted.
  • 11 wpi to 7-8 wpi
  • Yarn council: light (3) to superbulky (6) 
  • Can take double-worsted EON (Every Other Needle) but it can be hard work and not recommended - it halves the number of needles available.  

Accessories included with machine

  • Cast on comb (long)
  • Cast on comb (short)
  • 2 small weights
  • 5 large weights
  • 2 clamps
  • Spare needles
  • Row counter
  • Tension mast

Available accessories (sold separately)

  • KR230 ribber
  • KRC900 double bed colour changer ??
  • KL116 knitleader (charting device)
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