The Brother KH-836 is a 4.5mm gauge knitting machine. It has standard tuck, slip, knitweave and fair-isle functions. It has a lace carriage (later sold separately). It is almost identical to the KH830 which preceded it - the earlier machine had the lace carriage included and the sticker on the carriage was slightly different, as were the cast on combs, plus the KH830 is not quite so compatible with other devices such as the garter carriage. The KH836 does not have the automatic end needle selection facility, nor single motif capability on the carriage, so these things are achieved manually.

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  • Single bed knitting machine
  • Standard 4.5mm needle gauge
  • 24st punchcard patterning
  • Can produce an incredible variety stitches, including tuck, slip, fairisle, lace, fine lace
  • Metal bed
  • 200 needles

Recommended yarn

  • English 2ply up to light DK

Accessories included with machine

  • Cast on comb (long)
  • Cast on comb (short)
  • 2 small weights
  • 5 large weights
  • 2 clamps
  • Double eyed transfer tool
  • Spare needles
  • Row counter
  • Tension mast
  • Set of punchcards

Available accessories (sold separately)