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If you are looking for discussion about machine knitting please join us over on Ravelry - . It's free to join. The Ravelry machine knitting forum is an international, friendly and well moderated forum. The members are extremely helpful in all matters relating to machine knitting.

If you require hands-on support to lessons check out our list of Knitting Machine Guilds and Courses.

The history of machine knitting

A history of machine knitting - Framework - Domestic - Passap

The process of machine knitting

There are two methods of machine knitting - warp and weft knitting. Domestic knitting machines are weft knitters, that is, a new row is knitted horizontally, and the knitting produced is identical in structure to handknitting. Warp knitting machines produce a kind of vertical knitting, most often seen in vertically-striped scarves. These machines are only available industrially.

Getting Started

Yarn guide

Stitch and Technique Glossary

Care and Maintenance

Domestic knitting machine brands

Brand names may differ in your country, due to licencing or historic reasons. If you can't see your machine, check the AKA list first.

Artisan / Creative












Comparisons & Conversions

Industrial knitting machine brands

Dubied hand flat


Singer DL1000


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Brother KH950i

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