The Passap (PAtent Schnell Strick Aparat) knitting machine company was first founded in 1939 as the Luchsinger trading company in Dietikon, Switzerland. The first knitting machine was made of wood and had hooked pins and mostly produced garter stitch. 1953 saw the introduction of latch needles in a full metal bed (M201, same as the Vario). The Duomatic (Pinky) was introduced in 1960 and is the first double-bed Passap machine. In 1965 the company became Maschinen & Apparatebau Dietikon AG (Madag). The Duomatic 80 (green) was introduced in 1977, the E6000 in 1988, and the semi-industrial E8000 in 1997. Production of knitting machines ended in 1999 - the company now specialise in hot stamping print machinery.

Model Gauge Needles Patterning Year In production
120, 120D Technically a knitting frame 1937-53
P12, P22 1961-63
P20 1970
F120 Same as Silver SK120 1984
F200 Same as a Corona; 14 st repeats 1970-85
M201 1953-59
Automatic 1958-66
Combi 1965-73
E6000 5mm 179 200st electronic 1988-99
E8000 8g 289/363 1997-99
Duomatic GS 1982-?
Duomatic S 1979-?
Duomatic SD
Duomatic 5 (Pinky) 5mm 1960-77
Duomatic 80 5mm ??st punchcard 1977-99
Goldy Same as Swiss Magic knitter 1986
Monomatic 1985
Vario, Vario big 1989
Tapimatic rug hooking machine 1984

Accessories Description In production
TP6 Intarsia device No
Tricofit Linker/cast off 1989
Deco Patterning device (40 st repeats) 1978
Jac40 Patterning device No
Alinea Patterning device No
U70 Transfer lock 1970
U80 Transfer lock 1981
U100 Transfer lock No
U100E Transfer lock 1986
Forma Charting device 1979
Forma computer Charting device 1982
Electra Motor 1963-75
Electra 2000 Motor 1982-85
Electra 3000 Motor 1983
Electra 4000 Motor 1994
Electra 4080 Motor 1991
Electra 4600 Motor 1994
Picto Intarsia device 1990
Linking machine Linking machine 1990
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