Silver Reed F370K


The Silver F370K machine is a fine gauge (3.6mm) knitting machine. It has a 30 st punchcard patterning system and a built-in knit leader.


  • Single Bed Knitting Machine
  • Fine 3.6mm Needle Gauge
  • 30 stitch punch card patterning
  • 250 Needle Metal Bed
  • Built-in knit radar
  • Stitch types include fair isle, tuck, slip, punch lace?, knit weave, plaiting?, and motifs? TBA
  • Dimensions: tba
  • Weight: tba
  • Made in Japan

Recommended Yarn

  • English: lace weight up to 4ply.
  • Australia: tba
  • US: tba

Accessories included with Machine

  •  ?? pre-punched pattern cards
  • Instruction Book and Operating Manual
  • 1x2 transfer tool
  • 1x3 transfer tool
  • 2x3 transfer tool
  • 2 claw weights
  • Ravel cord
  • Oil bottle
  • Table clamps
  • Tension mast
  • Magic cams, point cams and yarn seperators

Available accessories (sold separately)

  • FRP-70 ribber
  • Lace carriage
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