This machine was developed by the then Kashiwazaki Silver Seiko Ltd (now Silver Reed) in Niigata Japan. In 1972 it was exhibited at The Science Museum in the United Kingdom where it was awarded the Blue Ribbon Prize. This machine was the first of the "Memomatic" series of models SK321 to SK329. They are all 200 needle metal bed machines with 24 stitch punchcard patterning varying only by the type of motifs they could create and the inclusions. The SK321 was the first and most basic model.


  • Single Bed Knitting Machine
  • Standard 4.5mm Needle Gauge
  • 24 stitch repeating pattern area
  • Punchcard Patterning
  • 200 Needle Metal Bed
  • Stitch types include stockinette, fair isle, tuck, slip, punch lace, knit weave, plaiting, and motifs.

Recommended Yarn

  • English: 2ply up to 4ply.
  • Australia: 2ply up to 5ply
  • US: Fine yarns up to sport weight


This model has the following stitches / patterning inbuilt:

  • stockinette
  • slip
  • tuck
  • fair isle
  • knit weave
  • punch lace
  • motif
  • plaiting

Accessories included with Machine

  • SK-321 carriage and carriage arm
  • 20 pre-punched pattern cards
  • Row counter
  • Instruction Book Operating Manual
  • 1x2 transfer tool
  • 1x3 transfer tool
  • 2x3 transfer tool
  • 2 claw weights
  • Ravel cord
  • Oil bottle
  • Table clamps
  • tension mast

Available accessories (sold separately)

  • ribber models SRP321,SRP322, SRP20, SRP50, SRP60
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