This standard gauge ribber fits most standard gauge Silver machines. It can be used to create ribbed fabrics and double-bed jacquard.

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  • Can produce an incredible variety of rib stitches, including Pile Knitting, Jacquard knitting, Plating Rib, 1x1 rib, 2x2, big ribs, cable ribs, tubular/circular, Shaker Stitch, English Rib, Tuck Rib, and more.
  • Made especially for Silver Reed SK840 or SK280 knitting machines.
  • Metal bed
  • 200 needles
  • 4.5mm (standard) needle gauge
  • Racking handle

Recommended yarn

  • English: 2ply up to 4ply.
  • Australia: 2ply up to 5ply
  • US: Fine yarns up to sport weight

Accessories included with machine

  • SRP60 ribber carriage
  • Ribber arm
  • P carriage
  • Cast on comb (long)
  • Cast on comb (short)
  • Fine knit bar
  • 2 small weights
  • 5 large weights
  • 2 angled clamps
  • double eyed transfer tool
  • pre-punched punchcard designs for the ribber
  • spare needles
  • hook tool
  • side hangers
  • hanger combs

Available accessories (sold separately)

  • The SRP60N carriage does not have a birds' eye backing function (lili buttons on Brother). Bird's eye backing can be created with an optional RJ1 carriage.
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