Silver knitting machines were first produced by the Marukoshi Knitting Machines Ltd. in Tokyo in 1952. The company changed its name to Silver Knitting Machine Manufacturing, Ltd in 1955 and then Silver Seiko Ltd in 1967. The company has sold its knitting machines under numerous brand names in various countries: KnitMaster/Empisal?Silver Reed in the UK, KnitMaster/Singer in Australia, Studio/Singer in Canada, and Singer in the United States. Silver continues to manufacture and export its knitting machines.

To avoid confusion between the various brands the machines will be referred to in this Wiki by their model number, which remains consistent between the various Silver brands.

Silver Knitting Machines is the only Japanese company still making high quality domestic knitting machines. New machines can still be purchased from Silver dealers in USA, Canada and the UK.

Model Gauge (mm) Needles Patterning Year In production
Model-1 1952 No
SK280 4.5 200 24st punchcard Yes
LK150 6.5 150 Manual (plastic bed) Yes
ES302 4.5 200 Manual No
F370K 3.6 250 30st punchcard No
SK321 4.5 200 24st punchcard 1972 No
Mod 326 4.5 200 24st punchcard No
Mod 360 4.5 200 24st punchcard No
SK500 4.5 200 Electronic 1979 No
SK700 4.5 200 24st punchcard 1991- No
SK830 3.6 250 Electronic 1991- No
SK840 4.5 200 Electronic 1990- Yes
SK860 6.5 150 Electronic 1990- No
SK890 9 100 No

Ribbers Gauge Needles In production
SRP60N 4.5 200 Yes
FRP70 4.5 250 ??
SR860 6.5 150 No
Accessories Description In production
YC6 Colour changer - comes with a single-bed sinker plate
MOD-560L Lace carriage Yes
AG24 Intarsia carriage - standard gauge Yes
AG30 Intarsia carriage - bulky gauge (SK155) No
RJ1 Bird's eye DBJ ribber carriage No
Jaws Shadow lace transfer tool No
LC2 Lace carriage - standard gauge Yes
EC1 Pattern controller No
PE1 Pattern extender No
PC10 Pattern controller No
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