Superba is the name used to refer to a group of electronic knitting machines manufactured in Mulhouse, France by Standardisation Internationale de Tricotage (S.I.T) and sold under various trade names in different countries:

Singer: U.K., Europe
Phildar: Europe
Superba: Europe, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Asia
White: U.S.A

These machines were available in both single and double bed models, but the single bed models are rare. The double bed models are "fixed" double bed machine with both beds permanently connected.

These machines are no longer being manufactured. Replacement parts and spare needles are scarce, but these machines were well built to last and the mechanical parts rarely fail if the machine is well maintained.


Model # Gauge Needles Description

Superba S44
Singer 2100, 2200

5mm 180 per bed Used a pegboard for patterning (20 stitches x 30 rows)
Superba S42 5mm 180 Single-bed version of the S44

Superba S48
White 1602
Singer 2310, 2340

5mm 180 per bed Used a light scanner with mylars for patterning (60 stitches x 88 rows)

Superba S46

5mm 180 Single-bed version of the S48

Superba S47
White 1502
Singer 600/Memo II

5mm 180 per bed Used a pressure pad for patterning (16 stitches x 16 rows)

White 1402
Singer 400/Memo II

5mm 180 Single-bed version of the S47

Superba System 624
Singer System 624
Singer MT2140

5mm 180 per bed

Superba System 9000
Singer System 9000
Singer MT-700

5mm 180 per bed

Superba S9
White S9

White S7 5mm

Optional Accessories

Name Description

P.T.V. Unit

Fits to the back carriage to knit plaiting punch pile, reverse plaiting, patterned punch pile, weft insertion weaving, drive lace, release lace and release fair-isle.
Transfer Carriage Performs non-selective stitch transfers for needles in working position to either bed.
Double Garter Carriage Performs selective transfers for needles in working position to either bed; also does transfer lace, garter stitch and pull up tuck stitches.
Lamp Fits under the back bed to illuminate the work area.
DigiForm An electronic device resembling a calculator that lets you enter pattern variables to aid in garment shaping.
Electric Motor Fits to the back of the machine to drive the carriage back and forth.
Pattern Driver A mechanical device to aid in garment shaping.
Colour Changer A mechanical device to assist with color changes for Fair-Isle and Jacquard.
Intarsia Carriage A carriage for knitting intarsia.
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